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Whether buying or selling a home, my clients have come up with countless questions for me over the years. Here, are some articles I’ve written addressing some of the most common issues and topics, including some misconceptions about Realtors and commissions. These articles cover tips on how to save money, real estate insider secrets, renovation advice, and much more.

I’m here to help my clients every step of the way and I’d be happy to personally answer any of your questions which I haven’t already covered here.

Please feel free to contact me directly, either by email: or by phone: 604.808.9796

Demystifying Commissions

People recoil at the thought of paying a Realtor a commission to sell their home. It seems like just another cost. In fact, entire brokerages market themselves as being able to minimize this cost.

How to Renovate for Resale

The first question to answer is “Is it worth renovating?” If the value of your home is primarily in its land (i.e. it’s a tear-down) then it may not be worth renovating at all.

Realtors: Who Really Needs Them?

Is it possible to negotiate a better deal when buying a property if you go directly to the Listing Agent? As a Buyer, isn’t it better to have two agents working for you than one? The answer to each of these is an emphatic No, contrary to popular belief, and this newsletter should help you to understand why.

Leaky Condos: What to look for


Have you looked up at your ceilings recently? Now that we are well into the rainy season, some homeowners will have the unfortunate experience of seeing the telltale signs of water ingress.

Luxury Condo Living Comes of Age

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the best condominium buildings Vancouver has to offer.  This newsletter article will give you a taste.

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