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Seller’s Advantage

Experienced Residential Developer

I understand more about real estate than 98% of other agents out there. How? I was born into a family of property developers as my dad was the owner of a Residential Development company. I also have a formal education in building sciences, …

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having completed BCIT’s three-year Diploma Program in Building Technology with a specialization in Land Economics.

Growing up, I’ve worked in every aspect of real estate development: land acquisition, working on construction sites, managing construction sites, contract negotiation, project design, permitting, show home construction, show home sales team management, and marketing, where I ultimately became Vice President of United Properties. Eventually, my passion for working directly with clients led me to becoming a Realtor and my personal favourite aspect, sales. My goal is to empower my clients with knowledge.

Home Staging

I know what sells a home. As a residential developer, I have helped to create many show homes. Whether a client needs to de-clutter, landscape, renovate, or simply dress up a home, my construction and design experience serves my clients in maximizing their sales value and return on investment.

Professional Photography

In this competitive marketplace, professional photography and videos make sure my clients’ properties have improved appeal and will get noticed more easily. These images evoke an emotional response before a single word in a listing description is read and actively engage potential buyers. As a result, the buyer pool and sales value both increase.

Professional Marketing

Image is crucial in a competitive real estate market. This is why I align myself with Vancouver’s most innovative branding and marketing companies. Together, we produce professional marketing materials to project the right image for a property.


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More Marketing Channels

Unlike other Realtors who simply rely on standard Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings, I also bring attention to my clients’ properties through brochures emailed to my Realtor database, my website, RealtyLink, Just Listed postcards, periodicals, Craigslist, and Open Houses marketed to both agents and the public.


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Connection to the Real Estate Community

I strongly believe in building relationships not only with my clients but also with my fellow Realtors. My listings get shown to every agent within TRG Realty, BC’s fastest growing brokerage, providing a high level of exposure to Realtors with buyer clients. This gets more exposure for your property, creates a positive interaction with prospective buyers, and often results in a higher sales figure.

Knowledge and Passion

My clients often remark on my enthusiasm and I am willing to bet that I put more heart and soul into my work than most Realtors. I have considerable knowledge of land and home values through my background as both a Residential Developer and Realtor, and I’m constantly reviewing the market to distinguish asking versus sales prices.

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My market understanding reinforces my strong negotiation skills, and helped me close complex land deals for properties valued in excess of 40 million dollars. I realize that money is a great motivator, so I offer a large commission to Buyer’s Agents in order to attract more agents to my clients’ homes.


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Every Detail Taken Care of

Real estate involves copious amounts of paper work. Thankfully, my most extremely capable assistant is my wife, Alison, who’s also a Professional Engineer and Financial Planner with an MBA. Together, we look at things from all angles, making sure no detail goes missed, to offer more dedication, knowledge, and care to each individual client.

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Selling A Home with David Setton

Throughout the selling process, I’m here for you. I have access to the latest market information, including the condition and price of competing properties. I’m constantly viewing and researching homes to ensure that your property is not only priced correctly from the start, but also staged to look its best. I understand how and when to market your property to generate the most interest from buyers as well as other agents.

To sell your home quickly and with minimum hassle, please call me directly at 604.808.9796 or fill out the form below to request your home’s current market value and suggested asking price.


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Shady Realtors

Things they Say

Now that I have your attention. Some Realtors will say anything to secure a listing and earn a commission.  It is important when a realtor approaches you to really understand where a realtors loyalty lies.  Is it to the you, as the seller, or is it to the buyer? As your agent you want to make sure that there is not a conflict of interest.


Does it Make it Difference?

I was holding an open house recently and a seasoned real estate agent approached me and said, “Why are you spending all of this money on brochures and photography? The home is going to sell anyway.” As Realtors, it is our job to maximize the selling price of a home through proper marketing. It is not enough to just throw it up on the MLS system.

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What is in this Sellers Guide?

1. Financing & What To Ask Your Banker/Broker

I’ll cover penalties, assumable mortgages, vendor take back mortgages and convertible/transferable mortgages.

2. Preparing Your Home For Sale

A house that ‘sparkles’ will sell faster than its shabby neighbour. I’ll show you how much you should spend when preparing your home.

3. The “Exterior” Curb Appeal

Before putting your home on the market, I’ll show you how you can maximize your home’s exterior and interior appeal.

… and so much more!

Multiple Offers

How to Sell for Over the Asking Price

As your listing agent it is my job to sell your home for the highest price possible. In a rising market, how do you, as a home seller, generate multiple offers? This is accomplished through a smart pricing strategy combined with effective marketing to attract as many buyers as possible to your home.

What to Expect from a Lawyer or Notary

Both buyers and sellers will need to hire a lawyer or notary to help them with the property closing transaction. Most people don’t realize that the legal representation of the respective parties actually negotiate issues that financially affect them. Here’s a list of some services a client can expect to receive from a notary or lawyer:

A. Review the contract of purchase and sale;

B. Search title and discuss charges to remain on title and to be discharged;

C. Obtain and review municipal tax information specific to the property;

D. Prepare or obtain transfer and mortgage documents as well as supporting documents required by the registry or others;

E. Attend to or arrange for execution of transfer and mortgage documents;

F. Negotiate appropriate closing undertakings with solicitor/notary for Seller;

G. Receive and account for trust funds;

H. Provide your Lender with its requested security documents;

I. Attend to registration of relevant documents at the Land Title Office;

J. Confirm residency status of the Seller pursuant to the Income Tax Acts;

K. Disburse trust funds;

L. Provide you with the final report and the State of Title Certificate

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