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Buyer’s Advantage

I understand that purchasing a home is one of the largest financial commitments that most of us will ever make. My goal is to support my clients every step of the way by understanding your needs and working with you to evaluate potential properties, advise on the acquisition strategy, and negotiate the purchase.

My approach is to empower you to make confident buying decisions and to have you feeling secure throughout the process. Yes, unlike some other Realtors, I recognize that buying is indeed a process, not merely a transaction!

The first step in the process is for me to understand a client’s needs. I like to understand how you live, or want to live, how you process information, and what you value most in a home.

Everyone’s buying experience is different: some people only need to see a few homes before buying; others need to see dozens all over the city. I give my clients all the same attention and view the process as an adventure. I believe it needs to have an element of fun and exploration.

When a client is ready to write an offer on a home, my negotiation skills, honed through years of experience as a Residential Developer, ensure your best interests are served.

Due to the level of time and energy I invest in my buyer clients, I limit the number of buyers I work with at any one time. I also put my commitment in writing through the use of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement.

I’d be pleased to answer your questions and share my expertise. Contact me directly by phone or email at 604.808.9796 or

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Multiple Offers:

A Buyers Perspective

Many of my buyer clients have asked me, “What it is like to compete with other offers when purchasing a home?” I’m not going to lie: this is not an enjoyable process.  It places the buyer at a huge disadvantage.  The sellers is essentially holding all the cards. Buyers can take steps to protect themselves and avoid overpaying.

Asking Prices:

Do They Mean Anything

Is it that the listing agents don’t know the value of the properties they are selling or are sellers intentionally pricing homes low to generate multiple offers?  Are buyer’s agents convincing their clients to pay more than they should for a home? These are tough questions to answer. In a fast moving market, now more than ever, it is important that real estate agents really understand the market value for a property.

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2. Financing & Incentive Options

I’ll explain your various financing options and how you can qualify for each one.

3. Factors to consider when buying a home

I’ll cover the key factors you need to consider before taking the leap and purchasing your new home.

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Mortgage Calculator

How much can you afford?

Buying a home usually means getting obtaining a mortgage loan. You will find a useful mortgage calculator below that will give you the monthly payments that you could expect given your particular financing situation.

I’d love to help you out!

Please fill out the information and I will put you in touch with a trusted mortgage professional who will provide you with a depth of knowledge, explain all of your financing options and get you the best rate!

What to Expect from a Lawyer or Notary

Both buyers and sellers will need to hire a lawyer or notary to help them with the property closing transaction. Most people don’t realize that the legal representation of the respective parties actually negotiate issues that financially affect them. Here’s a list of some services a client can expect to receive from a notary or lawyer:

A. Review the contract of purchase and sale;

B. Search title and discuss charges to remain on title and to be discharged;

C. Obtain and review municipal tax information specific to the property;

D. Prepare or obtain transfer and mortgage documents as well as supporting documents required by the registry or others;

E. Attend to or arrange for execution of transfer and mortgage documents;

F. Negotiate appropriate closing undertakings with solicitor/notary for Seller;

G. Receive and account for trust funds;

H. Provide your Lender with its requested security documents;

I. Attend to registration of relevant documents at the Land Title Office;

J. Confirm residency status of the Seller pursuant to the Income Tax Acts;

K. Disburse trust funds;

L. Provide you with the final report and the State of Title Certificate

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