So you’ve bought the house, you’ve moved in, and the space is finally starting to feel like home. 

Even if you believe you’ve found your dream home - it’s almost impossible to completely avoid anxious thoughts like ‘Did I overpay?’ Or ‘Was this really the right time?’  This is true for all big decisions in life, not just with real estate.  

Once you’ve settled in, the responsibility of maintenance crop up. And I’m not going to sugar coat it, home ownership takes more work than you’d expect! Many weekends will become housework days, it just comes with the territory.

When you first move in, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with all corners of your new place. Even if you’ve gone through an inspection, it’s never a bad idea to double for leaks, bugs, mold, or any issues that would be best dealt with immediately. Finding issues before they develop could save you considerable time and money down the road.

On that note, you will likely run into problems with your home. Whether it’s a few weeks or months after you move in, issues are bound to arise. What helps is having a reaction proportional to the problem.  What initially seems catastrophic, may just be something as simple as a jammed deadbolt. It’s normal to have worries with your new home, so keep calm and tackle the problem.

In regards to home maintenance, I want to emphasize gutters. Regardless of the season, clogged gutters are never something you want to have.  Make sure to stay on top of your gutters - freeing them from leaves and other debris so you don’t fall victim to leaks or flooding. 

Did you know that there is a very important drain located outside your home? This is known as your perimeter drain or weeping tile system. If this system isn’t operating properly, you are going to end up with a wet basement or crawl space so make sure it is functioning properly.

It’s also important to note that leaky windows are one of the largest sources of energy loss in a new home.  One quick and cost effective fix for this is to caulk your windows. Caulk can be easily purchased at home stores like home depot. 

And finally, your new home will likely take some getting used to. Enjoy the transition!

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Where are we seeing lots of strength in the market?

Currently, we can see strength in the condo and townhouse market from $500,000 up to $1,500,000. Overall, the westside condo market is favouring sellers with 30% of them sold last month, and communities with the most activity continue to be Kitsilano, Fairview, and False Creek. Following a steady decline over the summer, the average sale price began to rise in August, and continues to increase. It is currently sitting at $915,000, $58,000 higher than it was in July, and $89,000 more than it was in September of 2020. As inventory grows and sales drop, we can expect this price to fall over the fall season.


Now let's look at the single family market.  The strength in the market lies between $1,750,000 and $3,500,000, with the majority of homes selling above list price. If both inventory and sales remain flat, we can predict the average sale price to remain fairly steady over the next few months. The strongest location is still Kitsilano with 28% of homes sold. I have a special report on the Kitsilano single family market if you want to check out the market update page of my website.

Single Family

If you would like to take a look at the market conditions for your area in detail, you can download the latest Snapstats report here This is a great way to learn where the market is heading. You will find a great 13 month graph here for each area showing:

- how prices are changing over time,

- how supply is changing over time,

- and how the number of sales are changing each month.

If you are interested in gaining access to all the sold and available homes in the lower mainland, feel free to use my website to search for your next home.

Check out my latest listings

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We’ve all heard of spring cleaning.  But what about getting your home ready for the cold months? These chores may not be as exciting as making your space beautiful for the long days of summer, but they’re very important when preparing for wind, rain, and snow that's surely on the way. 

We live in a moderate climate, which means we don’t usually see temperatures dip into the negatives.  But, that doesn’t mean it never happens. If last winter taught us anything it’s that Vancouverites are (to put it bluntly) pretty pathetic Canadians when it comes to the cold (cue all the transit busses piled up along Broadway).  Most buildings in our city aren’t equipped to deal with below zero temperatures, as we saw during last year’s cold spell. Don’t let your home fall victim to bursting pipes! Insulate your pipes and shut off your water when leaving for a trip. Same goes for your outdoor appliances.  Ensure your hoses are turned off and free from water and bugs. 

Another suggestion is to free your lawn of leaves. This isn’t just for aesthetics as leaves can cause a lot of harm such as clogging pipes and flooding streets. Rake the leaves in your yard and set them out for collection in the same way you do your organics . 

And speaking of gutters, it’s a great idea to check your gutters and drainage. With the arrival of fall in Vancouver comes lots of rain, so make sure you’re prepared! This mundane task could save you a lot of money in the long run.

And with that, I wish you all a happy fall tune-up! 

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If you're reading this, chances are you’re new to the home buying experience. You might feel nervous, overwhelmed, or just plain confused about taking the first step. That's normal! Buying a home is one of the greatest financial decisions one will make in a lifetime, so it's only natural to feel some type of way. 

This is why I have decided to compile a few points of advice for those of you hoping to enter the real estate market. 

1. Do your research to get a feel for what you're really looking for - modern, rustic, bright? This will help you narrow down on places at the beginning of your home search.

2. Make a list of non-negotiable factors you are looking for in a home. For example, how important is a specific location? It's easy to overlook factors once you fall in love with a place.

3. When you hire a buyer's agent, do so under a written agreement!

4. And of course, enjoy the process! Get a realtor who is fun and spends the time to really get to know you and your unique needs. I love it when my clients become my friends! Buying a home can feel stressful at times, which is why it's important to have fun and really enjoy this huge accomplishment.

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Are you thinking about purchasing a vacation home?

Maybe you’re tired of high rental prices, or have always wanted a relaxing location to bring your family together? Whatever the case may be, vacation properties are attractive to many people. 

One of the many perks of living in BC is its abundance of beauty. With a short road trip or ferry ride, you can find a plethora of vacation potential . But, there is more that goes into purchasing a rental home than one may realize. Buying any property is a major financial decision, and so it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks.


Let’s start with the benefits 

  1. If you are a regular vacationer, you may save money by purchasing a second home.  Over time, you’re building equity and not giving your money to someone else. 

  2. Similarly, investing in property helps you build wealth as market value increases.

  3. Your home could serve as supplementary income if rented out when you aren’t there. 

  4. If your vacation home isn’t rented out, you may be eligible for tax breaks on mortgage interest and property tax. 

Now for the drawbacks...

  1. Vacation homes can be expensive! Two mortgages, property tax, utilities, and other expenses can easily add up. And lenders charge higher interest rates than they would for a comparable primary home.

Here is a list of Tax you can expect to pay

  • Provincial Property Transfer Tax that is charged whether you buy undeveloped land, a second home, a strata property, or fractional ownership. Even if you’ve never before owned a home, you won’t qualify for the First-time Home Buyers’ Exemption program because the home isn’t your principal residence.
  • A BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax applies in taxable regions including Metro Vancouver, the Capital Regional District, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Kelowna, Nanaimo, and Lantzville.
  • As the property owner, you must pay Capital Gains Tax on a second property (non-principal residence) when the property is sold or transferred.
  • If you plan to rent your vacation property, make sure rentals are indeed permitted. Stratas may not allow rentals.  Some municipal bylaws also restrict rentals and impose specific conditions.  For example, Whistler has Temporary Tourist Accommodation Regulations.
  1. Maintaining your second property can also be a lot of work.  Make sure you are well prepared for the added responsibility. The tax rate varies depending on: the owner’s tax residency; and whether the owner is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or a member of a satellite family.

So now that you’re more educated on what owning a vacation property entails, where should you buy?

The location you choose for your vacation escape will largely depend on your lifestyle and personality, but I wanted to highlight one area in BC that I feel is a fantastic choice for a second home. 

Squamish - Squamish is a great option for vacation property for a number of reasons.  For one, location.  As it’s only about an hour from West Vancouver, minor transportation time gives you more time to enjoy your time away. And importantly, Squamish is in the wake of a massive new oceanfront development known as SEA AND SKY. This development will include over 900 two- and three- bedroom townhomes and apartments, and be a community where adventure meets access. This area has grown tremendously over the last few years, and property values could increase when the development is complete. If you would like to read more about this new development, click here

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As usual, the end of the summer has snuck up on us, and before we know it those pumpkin spice lattes will be back in full swing. But, as the weather gets cooler, so do fall styles. And personally, I love how a little design magic can turn a space from feeling like a house - to feeling like a home. So, for this reason I thought it would be useful to share what’s rumoured to be “IN” for interior design this fall season. 

1. Velvet! Who doesn’t love velvet? The fabric or the cake! Especially on accent pillows - they easily warm up a space and give it texture.

2. Clay and Curves. Venetian plaster, roman clay and lime wash walls. Futuristic aesthetics from the 80s and 90s and lots of curves - think couches, vases, lamps etc.

3. Checkers and fluted details. Subtle and soft, checkered prints add spice and depth to a space. 

4. Neutrals. Nothing new here, it seems like minimalism has been taking over in recent years, and it isn’t slowing down yet. Simple colours are timeless and will fit in with your style as it evolves. 

5. Cozy cottage vibes. Given the recent pandemic, cozy rustic interiors have become a common place of escape from the uncertainties of the world around us.  It’s no question that as cooler temperatures roll in, so will cozy cottage vibes.

And there you have it! Now you're in the loop with this years fall trends.  

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As the cost of living in Vancouver continues to rise,  it is becoming increasingly common to see home buyers (especially young first-timers) receiving financial help. 

This usually comes in the form of gifted money.  And although this is entirely legal, it is important to know the requirements for gifted down payments.  

  1. The gift must come from an immediate relative, defined as mother, father, brother, sister & grandparents.

  2. The lender will require that the giftor and the mortgage applicant sign a gift letter. The gift letters vary with each lender, so have your mortgage broker supply.

  3. The lender will call the giftor to verify that they are gifting the indicated funds.

  4. The gift should be deposited into the applicant's account at the time of writing and offer. The lender will require that the applicant show that they have received the gifted funds.

  5. Depending on the gift amount and the lender, there may be a requirement to show where the gifted funds came from. This could be bank statements, investments statements, or a Home equity line of credit statement.

  6. If the gifted funds are coming from outside Canada, the funds must be onshore and in the applicant's account 45 days before the purchase completion date. Please note that there are some countries that lenders will not accept gifted funds from.

  7. Gifted down payments are not acceptable by most lenders for the purchase of a revenue property.
If you have anymore questions about gifted down payments, I would be happy to chat.


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I don’t believe anyone would argue that Vancouver is known for its typically escalating housing prices.  Low interest rates are to thank for this new norm of multiple offers with properties selling far above asking price.

Not too long ago, I sold a home that received just two offers.  One was barely over asking, with the second nearly 100,000 over the asking price! 

This begs the question of what can be done to temper the escalation in prices for Canadians. Currently, the system in BC is not very transparent, as homebuyers rely entirely on the seller’s agent for information on how many other offers there might be. Basically, homebuyers are left in the dark, having no option other than to take the seller’s word.  So unfortunately, this allows for the possibility of unscrupulatory realtors. However, brokerages do have an obligation to retain records of each offer submitted, so that during an audit or investigation they may be verified. 

In Ontario, offers must be filed to a public registry.  This way, a potential buyer is able to see how many offers have been placed. Price and terms aren’t included. 

I feel that many in the industry would agree that the multiple offer process lacks transparency. The president of research firm North Cove Advisors, Ben Rabidoux, recommends an implementation of a simple mechanism found on many online auction sites, called an “automatic step-up clause.” In an environment where it is cheap for buyers to borrow money, this step could help minimize the blind bidding of prices due to the lack of indicators to guide them. 

What do you think about BC’s current bidding process? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Please visit our Open House at 707 503 16TH AVE W in Vancouver.
Open House on Saturday, July 10, 2021 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Looking for a 1-bedroom with room to breathe? Your search is over! Enjoy a large, bright & open feeling home with space for entertaining from the smartly renovated kitchen. This efficiently planned home is 40% larger than a newly built condo. The bedroom is large enough for a home office & the home is wired for high speed fibre optic internet. Over-sized in suite storage could be used as a flex room. The covered balcony may be used in all weather conditions & will fit both a patio table & a BBQ. Live close to urban amenities and transit, but at the same time take comfort in knowing that you are surrounded by parks & tree lined streets. Amenities include an indoor pool , fitness center, hot tub, clubhouse. There's even an extra suite for out of town guests. Open July 10th 2-4pm / 11th 1-3pm
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Please visit our Open House at 707 503 16TH AVE W in Vancouver.
Open House on Sunday, July 11, 2021 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Looking for a 1-bedroom with room to breathe? Your search is over! Enjoy a large, bright & open feeling home with space for entertaining from the smartly renovated kitchen. This efficiently planned home is 40% larger than a newly built condo. The bedroom is large enough for a home office & the home is wired for high speed fibre optic internet. Over-sized in suite storage could be used as a flex room. The covered balcony may be used in all weather conditions & will fit both a patio table & a BBQ. Live close to urban amenities and transit, but at the same time take comfort in knowing that you are surrounded by parks & tree lined streets. Amenities include an indoor pool , fitness center, hot tub, clubhouse. There's even an extra suite for out of town guests. Open July 10th 2-4pm / 11th 1-3pm
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In the concluding months of 2020, Vancouver City Council directed staff to consider a citywide residential parking program with a pollution charge as part of the Climate Emergency Action Plan

The city claims the purpose of the program is to encourage the purchase of cleaner vehicles, reduce air/carbon pollution, and to fund climate emergency actions.  As the city grows, they state that it will allow Vancouver to better respond to localized  parking issues.

The pollution charge would be added to non-electric vehicles beginning 2023. Residents with vehicles from 2022 or earlier would not pay the pollution charge as part of their permit fee. 

The program also includes a parking component that includes an overnight parking charge ($45 per year), with free visitor parking between the hours of 7am and 10pm, but an overnight visitor charge of $3 per night. 

Take The Survey

The reaction to this initiative is proving controversial as both sides bring strong arguments to the conversation.

On one hand, we have those in favour of the new program.  Many worry about climate change, and argue that changes must be enacted before it is too late.   Given that almost 40% of Vancouver’s carbon pollution comes from motor vehicles (Dr. Melissa Lam, Vancouver Sun),  the city’s target of halving emissions by 2030 will not be met without a shift to clean transportation. By encouraging the purchase of cleaner vehicles, not only will air and carbon emissions decrease but also that of consumerism.  As the pollution fee only applies to vehicles made in 2023 or newer, residents are encouraged to buy older, if not cleaner, models. Further, climate action must be well funded to be effective. If implemented, “this program would generate $60 million by 2025, paying for a quarter of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan while reducing emissions by a significant 10 per cent” (Dr. Melissa Lem, Vancouver Sun). Lastly, the concept of higher parking fees is not new to Canadians. Other major cities like Montreal already charge higher parking and congestion fees for vehicles with dirtier engines. 

Shifting lenses, those opposed to the proposed program affirm that this is just another way to charge tax, most affecting small families living in condos and townhomes without a personal garage. Arguably, these individuals are already more “green-forward” as they live in smaller spaces which use less energy.  As the city encourages densities around hubs, many of these individuals already walk more than those living in houses, further lowering their carbon footprint.  If the city is pushing for greener vehicles, where are all the charging stations to meet it?  Regarding pollution, those opposed to this plan argue that city dwellers are not the issue.  Carbon emission is the result of those living in the greater Vancouver area, commuting usually 2+ daily while living in larger homes that require more energy. 

Which side are you on? 

I encourage you to take the time to think about this issue, take the survey, and vote!

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What’s selling in the Vancouver Kitsilano Single Family Market? 50% of the homes sold in Kitsilano last month. Seller’s market is defined as 21%, so clearly it is very strong. 

In total, 9 Kits homes sold in February. The most expensive, a 13 year old, 2,500 sqft character home, went for $3.98M. 10 years ago, this same home sold for 1 million less. 

The least expensive home, a laneway house on a less than 1,200 sqft lot, sold for $1.46M.  This was a laneway home that was a part of a strata property.

If you like to take a look at all the sales in Kitsilano, I have a new package you can download at this link:

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Where are we seeing lots of strength in the market?

Let’s start with the condo market. The condo and townhouse market is very strong up to $1.5M, with the most active price band being between 400,000 and 500,000. Homes are selling on average 100% of list price. Overall, the westside condo market is really strong, favouring sellers with 37% of them sold last month. This is not surprising as more buyers can’t afford rising detached home prices. Inventory seems to be keeping fairly steady, but as demand increases, prices will soon follow suit. The current locations with most activity for condominiums are Fairview, and Kitsilano. 

Now let's look at the single family market.  You can see here that the market is at its strongest between 2.5 and 2.75 mil. Like condos and townhomes, single family homes are also selling on average 100% of list price.  Median prices are the highest they have been over the last 13 months. The strongest location for buyers is definitely Shaughnessy and South Granville, and Kerrisdalle and Kitsilano for sellers. I have a special report on Kitsilano single family market, if you want to check out the market update page of my website.

If you would like to take a look at the market conditions in more detail feel free to reply to this email.



If you would like to take a look at the market conditions for your area in detail, you can download the latest Snapstats report here. This is a great way to learn where the market is heading. You will find a great 13 month graph here for each area showing:

- how prices are changing over time,

- how supply is changing over time,

- and how the number of sales are changing each month. 

If you are interested in gaining access to all the sold and available homes in the lower mainland, feel free to use my website to search for your next home.

All the best,


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Many people believe that the other party is the enemy during a negotiation.  This is simply not the case. A well trained negotiator will help get what their clients want, while helping the other side get what they want.  In the end, a good deal will allow both parties to feel like they have won. Being assertive, personable, and knowing the right questions to ask is fundamental to achieve this. 

Negotiation is more than winning on price alone. For example, the deal may hinge by giving flexibility to the seller on the moving date, or possibly allowing the seller to rent back the home for free between the acceptance of the offer and the move-in date. Remember that when it comes to residential real estate sales, there are two realtors involved.  One represents the buyer while one represents the seller.  Negotiation involves both agents working together to find solutions beyond just hammering out a price that is acceptable to both parties.

An effective negotiator will not let their emotions interfere with their goals. They will maintain a level head and explore all options thoroughly, working calmly toward getting the best deal possible. 

An experienced realtor will develop rapport very quickly with the seller's agent. Ultimately, the basis of winning a deal during a hot market is strong ethics and established trust between the buyer's and seller's agent. Once established, effective negotiation will separate a good realtor from a great one. 

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Get your own website to view sold homes here  

I have many photographs of the sold homes dispersed throughout the video.

What’s selling in the Vancouver Kitsilano Single Family Market? 28% of the homes sold in Kitsilano last month. Seller’s market is defined as 21%.

Five homes sold in Kitsilano last month. The most expensive home sold for $7.25M.  This would have bought you a 31 year old, 1,9164 sqft home, on Point Grey Road. Believe it or not this was only a 1 bedroom home and the lot was only 33 foot wide by 100 foot deep. This home sold for $4.7M eleven years ago..

The least expensive home sold for $2.15M.  This would have bought you a 81 year old home on the corner of Balaclava St and 8th Avenue on a 33 foot by 110 foot deep lot. This lot is zoned RT-7 which allows for a multifamily development.  

So where is the market heading? Still have very little inventory. Less than 400 homes available on the Westside. Interest rates are still at record lows. Even with Covid 19, if interest rates stay low and inventory stays low we should see single family home prices continue to rise. Even with all the pressure on home prices, we are still not seeing the sold prices that we saw when the market peaked in 2017. We are close, but not quite there yet.

If you like to take a look at all the sales in Kitsilano in more detail feel free to connect with me on instagram or Youtube or send me an email.

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We all love to collect things and we all love the knickknacks in our homes.

There are three aspects of interior design that I would like to talk about today and the first addresses this love of collecting knickknacks.

1. Less is More

We live in a time where it is very easy to accumulate many different things we value. The challenge with an interesting and inviting space is to actually have less. Try to group knickknacks and wall art in arrangements that are interesting to the eye and try your best to create focal points when you enter the room.  For example in a bedroom the focal point could be the bed headboard wall. You may want to think about an interesting piece of artwork that coordinates well with the bed cover and bed cushions.

2. Furniture Arrangement

The way Furniture is arranged in a room can be very powerful. Furniture can be either used to divide a room or open the room up completely. For example you may want to think about placing a large couch against the wall to make a room feel more open or if the goal is to divide the and define the room float the couch in the middle of the room.  Make sure to use area rugs with hardwood floors to help define the space in great rooms.

3. Colour

Let’s talk about colour. Colour can be neutral or very bold depending on your taste and the look you are going for.  Accent walls can create a focal point when you enter a room.  Going back to the bedroom example you may consider painting the bed headboard wall a darker bold colour to draw your eye to that particular wall. Light or off-white walls will make a room feel larger and more open. Same when it comes to floor colour.  Dark stained hardwood floors will make a room feel smaller than light maple hardwood floors. Be careful with changing the floor finish between spaces in a great room.  This can affect the flow of the room. Everytime the floor finish changes for example from tile to hardwood it can divide a space and make it feel smaller.

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More about David Setton Here

1 De-Clutter

An easy way to get your home ready for showings and open houses is to pack up all the clutter you have and get it stored away. Anything that's sitting on a flat surface, like a countertop or table, should be packed away. Additionally, you should also put away anything you don't use frequently, give away things you don't need, throw away anything that can't be donated, and keep only what you really like and need to take with you when you move.

2) Get Your House Sparkling

It is important to have immaculate floors and sparkling windows when you're trying to sell your house. Equally important and something you should also consider, is scrubbing the grout, cleaning counters, and every surface in your home so it as clean and nice looking as possible. Cleaning is the least expensive way to make your home look great and help buyers see the potential in it. If you have a big house or aren't the most fastidious housekeeper, you may want to hire a professional. Don't scrimp on the cleaning, though. It's a very important step.

3) Half Empty Closets

Every home buyer is looking for storage, and it's almost impossible to have too much of it. Take at least half of your things out of the closets and drawers of your home, and then take the time to organize what's left in them. Buyers are going to snoop, and you don't want them to see crowded, overstuffed closets, and drawers. This can give the impression that there's not enough room in the house and/or that you have a lot of clutter. You want to give the impression that everything is neat and tidy. If buyers see that you're messy, they may think you don't take good care of your home.

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1 If it’s older than you are …. 

Many buyers can be scared off by the idea of purchasing a home that they think needs too much work.  Make your home an easy choice by keeping everything as neutral and clean as possible. Update lighting, door handles, outlets and/or light switches to ones that reflect current trends. 

2) Create a Gender-Neutral Master Bedroom

Master Bedrooms are a huge selling point so why not make yours as enticing to buyers as possible. Appeal to every buyer you can with a master bedroom that's clean and tailored. It should be free of clutter and personal items, and should be gender neutral. Not everyone will be interested in a master bedroom that's clearly masculine or feminine, so it's best to paint the walls in neutral colors and use linens that are also as neutral as possible. Avoid excessively bright colors that may turn buyers off. Neutral colors provide a nice blank pallet for potential home buyers to imagine themselves in the space.

3) Style Your Dining Room Table

If there's a room that often gets overlooked for showings and open houses, it's the dining room. Between dinners, a big table can look oversized, bare, and uninviting. A quick and easy way to make this room more appealing to potential buys, is to style it with visitors in mind. Flowers, candles, and even place settings can make this room look warm and inviting and make it more functional and interesting when buyers come through.

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What’s Hot in the Vancouver Westside condo and single family market?

Where are we seeing lots of strength in the market?

Let’s start with the condo market. The condo and townhouse market is very strong under $1M. You will probably be competing under $1M. Overall the westside condo market is really strong and favouring sellers with 33% of them sold last month. Inventory continues to come down (red dashed line). Typical of this time of year. Where are the strongest locations? The strongest locations w/ most activity for condominiums is Fairview, Falsecreek and Kitsilano. 

Now let's look at the single family market.  You can see here that the strength in the market here is under $3M.  Now let’s check the 13 month graph. Median prices are down around $300k or 10% after peaking in September. Buyers today are getting much more for their money. Where is the strongest location? The strongest location is definitely Kitsilano where 69% of the homes are selling. I have a special report on Kitsilano single family market, if you want to check out the market update page of my website.

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Thinking of selling your home? 

I wanted to share three tips for getting your home ready for the spring market. 

Tip number 1 - Use counter intelligence.  What do I mean by this?  

Buyers need to envision themselves living in your home.  

They want to see what they can put in a space and how your home can become theirs. In order to do that, they need to see clean and empty horizontal surfaces.  Less is more when it comes to counter tops. Clear unncessary items away. Maybe a nice fruit bowl in the kitchen would be suitable, or a small bouquet of flowers in the bathroom

Tip number 2 - Beat them with condition.There is a lot of competition in many housing markets. As a homeowner, the best way for you to compete is by presenting your home in the best condition. Get as many repairs done as possible before listing your home Touch up the inside walls, trims, and doors.  A simple top coat can leave any space feeling fresh and clean.

Tip number 3 - That armchair could be the difference! A good sale is often dependent on making your home appeal to the largest range of buyers.  Help buyers see the potential of your home by removing extra pieces of furniture so they can really see the space and imagine themselves in it. Placing a love seat or a sofa along a wall rather than in the middle of a living room can make a room feel larger. When in doubt, call a home stager. 

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