What to Expect from a Lawyer or Notary

Both buyers and sellers will need to hire a lawyer or notary to help them with the property closing transaction. Most people don’t realize that the legal representation of the respective parties actually negotiate issues that financially affect them. Here’s a list of some services a client can expect to receive from a notary or lawyer:

A. Review the contract of purchase and sale;

B. Search title and discuss charges to remain on title and to be discharged;

C. Obtain and review municipal tax information specific to the property;

D. Prepare or obtain transfer and mortgage documents as well as supporting documents required by the registry or others;

E. Attend to or arrange for execution of transfer and mortgage documents;

F. Negotiate appropriate closing undertakings with solicitor/notary for Seller;

G. Receive and account for trust funds;

H. Provide your Lender with its requested security documents;

I. Attend to registration of relevant documents at the Land Title Office;

J. Confirm residency status of the Seller pursuant to the Income Tax Acts;

K. Disburse trust funds;

L. Provide you with the final report and the State of Title Certificate