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What is in this Sellers Guide?

1 Financing & What To
        Ask Your Banker/Broker

I'll cover penalties, assumable mortgages, vendor take back mortgages and convertible/transferable mortgages.

2 Preparing Your Home
        For Sale

A house that 'sparkles' will sell faster than its shabby neighbour. I'll show you how much you should spend when preparing your home.

3 The "Exterior"
        Curb Appeal

Before putting your home on the market, I'll show you how you can maximize your home's exterior and interior appeal.

... and so much more!

About the Author

My name is David Setton and I am a Vancouver Realtor who specializes in marketing single family homes in Vancouver West. I have over 20 years’ experience in real estate, and, without being arrogant, I truly believe I understand more than 98% of other agents out there. Why? Well, unlike other Realtors I was literally born into the Property Development business. 

David Setton

Answers. In Real Estate

Recent Testimonial

"David is an exceptionally capable Vancouver Westside Realtor. Having been both a seller and buyer, we were able to witness David's trustworthy and uncompomisingly honest character throughout the process. He helped to price our home accurately and because of David's negotiating skills, we received 2 offers in less than 2 weeks and sold our home close to asking price."

 Wilfred Yu