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How much effort is your realtor investing into selling your home? I can't tell you how many times that I walk into an open house and the listing agent representing the seller will hand me a one page black and white MLS sheet with a bunch of statistics on it. How is this going to help you as a seller? I can tell you one thing - it is not going to create an emotional response from prospective buyers.

One thing I learned working as a developer is how to market a home. You have to create that emotional response! You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home and in your community.

As a developer we would often have to pre-sell our homes in advance of having anything to show. We would be selling from a floor plan, using view photos and a scale model of the building.

This is why I include lifestyle photos in my brochure. I include an area map so people know where the home is in relation to other amenities. My photos are all taken at dusk using HDR photography. I put the home first, not my services or myself. Many realtors, if they go to the trouble of producing a brochure, will have a big photo of themselves covering the front of it.

I always include a floor plan, because this helps people understand how the different spaces in the home relate to one another and how they are going to lay out their furniture.

My name is David Setton with TRG Realty and Answers in Real Estate. If this kind of marketing appeals to you, please give me a call at 640-808-9796. For more information on my services please click on the link below or above depending on where you are watching this on Facebook or Youtube. Thanks you some much for your time today.


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