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- I changed brokerages recently. I always thought that it didn’t matter where a realtor hung is license
- Wanted to take a few minutes to talk about why I made the change
- The main reason was because of the high values of Oakwyn - 7 core values that really resonated with me.
1) Put People First. Real estate is a relationship business - I have always tried to listen first, ask lots of questions.
2) Provide Innovative Service - Again, I have always questioned the best way to do things. Love making videos, using tech and providing fancy brochures for all of my listings
3) Create a Community - really feel this in the brokerage. Agents are respectful and work together and share ideas.
4) Be a Real Estate Nerd - not sure about this one. This one comes dn to always wanting to learn more and lifelong student
5) Lead by Example - my father was always good at this. Model behaviour that you want others to duplicate
6) Pursue Learning and Growth - if you are not growing you're dying. This one resonated with me.
7) Drive and Embrace Change - this one made sense to me. I’m an action person and I like to try new things and push myself to grow.


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