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Recently, the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) at the Jewish Community Centre (JCC) was tasked with raising $350,000 for development of a naturalized playground to serve ten different daycare and school programs at the JCC. We volunteered our time and then made a strategic financial donation to hire a professional facilitator, Debrah Coll, who took the PAC's efforts to a new level. This turned out to be a turning point - and as a result, a private donor stepped forward to sponsor the entire naturalized play space! Congratulations to the JCC and its sponsor (yet to be announced).

Whether you give your time or your money, you are probably making more of a difference than you think.

Want $1,000 towards your favourite charitable cause? For anyone who buys or sells through me and mentions this, I will gladly donate $1,000 towards the cause of their choice.


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