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What’s hot in the Kitsilano Single Family for March 2017

- The Van Westside Single Fam market picked up in Feb transitioning from buyers to bal. mrk.

- Kitsilano did exceptionally well and is now fav sellers.

- 15 Homes sold in Kits last mo.

- least expensive home sold for $2.1M. which would have renovated older home on 10th ave

- most expensive sold for $17M for a 42’ wide piece of land on PT Grey Rd.

- only 36 homes were available and on the market in Kits in Feb so to have 15 sales puts us in strong seller’s market at a 42% sr

- Sold values in Kits are higher at $3.3M than the median price for a home in the Westside - now at $3.1M. First time that I have seen this.

If you like to take a look at these sales, I have a new package you can download at the link below map locating them and photos and details for each property. specialize ph num

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Download Statistics for Your Area:

Download Statistics for Your Area:
What’s hot What’s Not – Vancouver Westside – Single Family for May 2016
- Continues to favour sellers. Median prices are at a record of almost $3.7m.
- Supply still very low at 557 homes on market. - market is changing only 152 homes sold last month down 30%
- eventually downward pressure on prices
What’s Hot (21% or more for a SR)
- Kerrisdale and MacKenzie Hights most active
- 14 / 30 sold in Kerrisdale - 47% s.r.
- MacKenzie Hights - 9 / 17 sold - 53% s.r.
- which price categories favouring sellers
- $2.5M - $2.75M - 12 / 15 sold 80% s.r.
- $3m - $3.5M - 26 / 51 - 51% s.r. few months ago this price band much stronger at 80% s.r.
What’s not hot (14% or less for a SR)
- Quilchena, Mount Pleasant, Shaughness - balanced market in these areas. 14 - 16% s.r.
- which price category - expensive homes price resistance - ex only 33 / 236 in the $5M+ cat

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