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What’s hot in the Kitsilano Single Family for August 2017

- The Van Westside Single Fam market is favouring buyers.  Buyer’s Market

- Kitsilano has usually does better than the westside in general, but not in July

- only 5 Homes sold in Kits last mo.

- least expensive home sold for $2.33M. which would have bought a 102 yr old hm at 11th Ave and Collingwood - most expensive sold for $4.1M for a multifamily zoned 4,000 sqft piece of land at Maple and 6th Ave

- 51 homes were available and on the market in Kits in June so to have 5 sales puts us in a buyer’s market at a 10% sr

- Sold values in Kits are at med price of $3.5M lower than the median price for a home in the Westside - now at $3.8M.

If you like to take a look at these sales, I have a new package you can download at the link below map locating them and photos

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What’s hot What’s Not – Vancouver Westside – Single Family for Aug 2017

- Westside single fam market transitioned from a balanced market in June to a buyers market in July

- Median Prices are up almost $1M from Jan this yr.

- Inventory is up and number of sales are down. Should put downward pressure on prices in the next few mo.

- only 72 homes sold in July - down 36% from June

- Inventory is at 705 sf homes available

- 72 sold homes / 705 homes available 10% sales ratio (s.r.)

What’s Hot (21% or more for a SR)

- which strongest - Oakridge

- 7 / 12 homes sold 58% sr - some of these were land value as part of rezoning / land assembly

- price point strongest & fav sellers

- $2.25M - 2.5M        5 / 17        29% sr

What’s not hot (14% or less for a SR)

- SW Marine Dr 2 / 43 - 5% sr

- Shaughnessy 4 / 86 sold - 5% sr

- which price category

- anything over $4.5M - buyers market -  365 homes priced over $4.5M  - only 18 sold. 11% sr. anything under 14% is a buyers market

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