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Special Report - Vancouver Detached Single Family Homes Westside - Impact from Foreign 15% Tax
- take a few minutes to how new 15% tax introduced Aug 2nd has impacted single family market in Vancouver Westside
- look at 3 variables see how changed since tax introduced and since this time last year.
1) inventory, 2) # sales 3) Sale Price
1) Inventory: here is the challenge for buyers in the Westside - inventory hasn’t really changed since Aug or this time last year. +/- 1%. This is why we will see prices haven’t moved much.
2) # Sales: Sales are actually up since Aug when the tax was intro. by 24% but when you look at Oct 2015 comp to now sales are dn 52%
3) Sale Price: down 9% comp to Aug this year, but we are still up 10% compared to Oct 2015.
Lots of stats! One last thing - strong seller’s market in Oct 2015 now market favouring buyers.
Information package Westside, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam

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